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Do Not Laugh

Do Not Laugh - video powered by Metacafe

This is a clip from a Japanese TV show where the players are not allowed to laugh at the person who is trying to learn english. If they laugh then they get punished with a beating.

Forza Steaua

The 2nd goal of V. Badea, vs. Standard Liege.

Forza Steaua! The best team in Romania enters the Champions League Group Stage!

Catelus cu paru cret

Sandy one again. Now with another hit, "Catelus cu paru' cret". Same style, same voice, same dorkish gypsy. Enjoy.

Melc melc codobelc - Sandy is back

[ro] Autorul "Caprei cu 3 iezi" in varianta tiganeasca, s-a intors cu un nou "hit". Bucurati-va de prostia altuia va rog.

[en] The author of "The goat with her three lambs in gipsy" is back with a new hit. Enjoy his stupidness please, this is the reason I embedded this.

Mambo Siria

[ro] Formatia lu' Dinescu, Mambo Siria, in frunte cu solistul, in varsta de cel putin 60 de ani. Mortal!

[en] Dinescu's band, Mambo Siria, with his main performer way over 60, and he dances too! This is great. Enjoy them.

Cocalari distrandu-se

[ro] Asa se distreaza cocalarii, dansand pe manele si aruncand banii de la Monopoly.

[en] This is the way suburban people have fun. Dancing on manele and throwing Monopoly money on the floor.

Capra cu trei iezi varianta tiganeasca.

[ro] Capra cu 3 iezi in varianta tiganeasca, prima creatie a lui Sandy, un tigan suburban care are soba in casa.

[en] The goat with her 3 lambs, in gypsy language, the first creation of Sandy, a suburban gypsy, which still has a stove in his house.


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